I knew I wanted a rustic farm wedding the moment we got engaged.
And here are the details! 

Location and Decoration:
I have the best in-laws in the world. They are so kind to provide their farm as our wedding location (Venango, PA). 
Thanks to Pinterest, I gathered all the fantastic ideas of how to decorate our party! 
Pinterest made my wedding planning process a lot easier.

Self planning the entire wedding in less than 7 months were crazy! Not to mention, I had to work crazy hours during my audit busy season from February to June. 
Looking back now I have to admit, 1% of the entire process was frustration but the rest of 99% was full of joy!
The experience was something unforgettable! 
Btw, I am seriously thinking about opening a party supply business selling garland, lanterns and blackboard! I had so much fun playing with them. 

Table presentations and party favors:
1) I love glasses. They are simply, classic and pretty. I chose varieties of glasses for our table decoration, from candle holders to masons jars, from water bottles to wine glasses. 

Water bottles, Candle holders and napkins were from IKEA. 
Wine glasses were rented from South Shore Rental.

Table clothes and table runners were rented from our wonderful cater Make it Fabulous Catering , not to mention the food was so delicious. I had so many guest told me during and after the party that this was the best wedding food they have ever had! 

2) Silverware: We chose bamboo sets for our wedding silverware! Eco friendly! We got the entire set from webstaurant store.

3) We wanted to mix the Chinese tradition into our celebration. our party favor includes a pair of chopsticks which represents the wish of “成双成对” (chéngshuāng chéngduì) living as a couple forever in Chinese culture; A Tea bag which represents a healthy life; Candies which the sweetness of candy is associated with happiness; and a cup (mason jar) which has a similar pronunciation with 辈子 (bèizi), which means one’s whole life.

The tea set we used for our traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony was kindly provided by my lovely cousin,  Margaret. She purchased the set during her Morocco trip.

The wedding cake was created by Icing on the lake
Best cake I have ever had! All guest loved it!

Our Music Band: Frank Singer

Bride’s accessories:
Pair 1: Guilhermina Gilded Python Heels
Pair 2: Joie
Necklace: CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane Statement Necklace (See similar here)
Headband: USA Bridal (from amazon)

My bride robe was brought by my mom from China. You can also find similar cute collections here. Please check out the link as I guarantee you will love the design and material.
Dress #1:
Here is the story.
The dress was custom made (hand made) and co- designed by Zhao Sister from Shanghai China and Pret A Marier from NYC.  I love the beatings of the dress and the silk flowy bottom.  If you are interested, I am reselling this piece here!

Dress #2:
This traditional Chinese red dress was custom made 3 years ago in Shanghai China.
I never planned to wear this one on my wedding day but it worked out great! 

Dress #3
Messina Dress by BHLDN
This dress is made for dancing!
If you are interested, I am selling this piece here!
Other details:
1. Big thanks to my in law’s neighbor Denise and Joe for providing the flowers for the tables and around the property.
2. Bridal Boutiques and groom boutonniere: Robins Nest Flower & Gift Shop in Edinboro, PA

Make up and Hair: 
Huge thanks to Robin Davis at Hair Cutz !

Last but not least, we absolutely love our amazing photographer Stephanie Rogers Photography
You guys are amazing!