If you have checked my blog in the past a year and half, you must have noticed that I got nothing posted. Well, a lot of things have changed in my life just like everyone else’s in this world. I found my self pregnant in the later summer of 2019 while we were vacationing in Italy. I am way overdue in sharing that trip detail, by the way. Then my first trimmest morning sickness kicked in when we returned to the U.S., which made me want to do absolute nothing after that. Then covid happened. While the entire world went upside, so did mine. The plan of having my parents over to help us when the Brooklyn got here went poof. We went through obstacles of being a first time parents. Dealing with me recovering from the c section, lacking of sleep, figuring out Brooknlyn’s routines, sleep training, teething, and any other things in the world of parenting. There were definitely times that both of us thought we will never be able to sleep again and now it’s been almost a year since our son Brooklyn came to this world. We found ourselves through and out the other side with pure happiness.

I want to get back to writing my blogs as this was part of the things made me still remember the old me. I like the new me, being a mom for the first time and to be able to love my baby more than anything in the world.