It’s been two and half weeks since I moved to Seattle. I have to say I dig the vibe.
The first thing everyone talked about when I mentioned that I was moving here was it rains a lot! And make sure to bring your umbrella.  Well the truth that I discovered for being here for the past 2.5 weeks is it does get a lot of gray days but when the sun does come out, it can be the most beautiful place on earth.  And by the way, the locals don’t use umbrellas!  People wear hooded rain coats (you see a lot of North face on the street) or wear hats. 
I am currently living in the neighborhood of Capitol Hill. The word on the street is Cap.Hill is the Brooklyn of Seattle. Of course, you don’t see the traditional brownstones here but you do find historical and lovely houses.  To me both Capitol Hill and Brooklyn got their own cool DNAs.
Before I started my new job this past Monday, I took a walk and snapped some photos of my new neighborhood. I am super excited to explore all the adventures that Seattle is going to offer!