Puerto Varas marked the start of our exploration of the Patagonia region of Chile.  We took the first flight out of Actama Desert to Santiago and another two hours in the air before landing Puerto Varas.  We saw many volcanos while we were in the air and the landscape of southern Chile is beyond picture perfect.   
Puerto Varas is part of the lake region and it’s a very popular destination in the summer.  There are various of outdoor adventures to fulfill your day.  We were quite exhausted after our exploration in the Actama desert and decided to have a more chill time in Puerto Varas before heading to Torres Del Paine National Park.

  • Volcanos:  There are three spectacular volcanos in this lake reign,  Osorno, Caulle Tronador and Calbuco.
  • Visiting Fundo Playa Venado: A must do while you are in town. Touring this farm was the highlight of staying in Puerto Varas. This farm has around 300 Jersey cows and it produces the best milk caramel spread.  We met the owner Ignacio and Ingrid. What a wonderful couple!  Best place to shop your Chilean souvenir.
  • Driving around lago Llanquihue: You can see German influenced beautiful architecture.

  • Weather: The weather and the atmosphere in the Puerto Varas are much like Seattle.  It’s rainy and wet in the winter.   The three days while we were in town, we only saw the sun once.  We were told by the locals that we were lucky!
  • Coffee shop: We recommend Hellos Pudu.  Run by the Seattle native Naomi Allan.  She and her husband also own a restaurant in town.
Where we stayed

What to expect?  Awesome host Javiera Covarrubias Reydet, who is passionated about what she is doing.
Bordemundo is tucked away from the crowds of downtown Puerto Varas yet close enough for you to get into all the attractions (10 minutes drive or bus ride).  The property is a hidden paradise.  Four rustic wood cabins located right by the private beach and it comes with a wonderful view of Lake Llanquihue, the volcanoes Osorno, Caulle Tronador and Calbuco.  Meanwhile, you get to enjoy the the true country living!  Making your own fire at night, watching the chicken and sheep in the garden! 
If you are lucky enough to stay at Bordemundo, make sure to oder the tasty breakfast in the morning.  
​Javiera bakes her own bread, and all ingredients are organic.