Let me start with this. It is hard for me to leave Park Slope, Brooklyn especially after living here for 7 years.
I am not good with words but I love expressing my feelings through images and photos. Growing up in Shanghai, my dad enjoyed taking me around the town and telling me stories about buildings in the neighborhood. Things like this is where I took your mom out for dinner; Hey, this place used to sell the best pastry in the morning.  I sometimes wish we had taken photographs of those places accompanying with a short story.  The neighborhood I grew up in and my parents grew up in have been demolished and replaced with modern high-rise buildings. I still remember the stories but the images of these places have been fading in my head.
I think this is why I love Park Slope the moment I got here.  All the buildings have a story. I have been writing my own stories in the past 7 years. Memory will fade but photographs will be there. I want to be able to look at these photos and remember that I had a wonderful time spending my 20s in this town. Things like running on the street to the YMCA in the morning was always pleasant (early morning, quiet streets, and semi-fresh air :))   There is a cherry tree on the corner of 3rd ave and 6th street, it’s the most beautiful spot during the spring time. There is this red colored church and it needs some care and love (a fresh coat of paint would be nice). Here is La Villa, our favorite Italian restaurant in town and we lived above it for a year and half.  I can go on and on.

So farewell Park Slope. I will come back and visit!