When it comes to skincare, my trick is to stick with none alcohol based products. 
I never suffered acne growing up, which I need to thank my mom for that.  She does not believe in using makeup especially in your teenage years. Your skin should naturally be in its best condition when you are a teen.  Most of the markup products on the market contains chemical which is never good if you apply it every day.  

My skin care routine is pretty simple.
For cleaning, I use L’oreal mild foam soap which I got it while visiting my parents in Shanghai.  I am still not sure why the the U.S. market does not carry this line.  
For skin toner, Mario Badescu’s is my #1 choice. Unlike other toner I have used in the past, It’s super mild with 0% alcohol and it has a great sense of smell to it. 

For moisturizer,  I have been using snail cream from the Korean brand, Super Aqua for the past two years. It’s smooth as silk.  Just found out they now sell this product at Target!  
At night I applied a very thick layer before going to bed and my face feels super hydrated in the morning.  Before applying the moisturizer, dark spot corrective from Kiehl is my must do step every night.  I have been noticing dark spots around my T area in the past couple of years which I am pretty certain that they resulted from too much sun exposure during the summer time vacationing on the beach in my early 20s. This product has been helping me to lighten the color of these spots. 

When it comes to sunscreen for my face, Elta MD is my only choice!  I read so many reviews about different SPFs and found this baby on Amazon.com 4 years ago.   It’s so lightweight which is the best in the summer time if you live in a humid climate (humid NYC summer).  During the summer, I use Elta as my moisturizer and SPF. 

My primer choice has always been Meteorites by Guerlain. It glows my face and gives it a smooth touch and makes it so easy for applying foundation!

I am not much of a perfume expert but I stick with my Anna Sui most of the time. All I know is it can never go wrong. 

As for body lotion, I highly recomende CoCo Mademoiselle Moisturizing body lotion
It is mild with soft scent and I have been using it for years.

Other tips:
Hydration is the key, both inside and outside.  I drink lots of water during the day.  Matter of fact, the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is to drink a big glass of room-temperatured water.  It cleans my system and releases all the overnight toxics in my body. One thing I can never get used to after all these years living in the States is drinking ice water.  I find it to be hard on my body. 
I also carry this rose scent facial spray from Mario Badescu in my purse. I use it to set my makeup in the morning and spray it throughout the day as needed. They also come with travel size which is so handy when you travel via air. 

Skin Toner: Mario Badescu (see here)
Facial spray: Mario Badescu (see here)
Sunscreen: Elta MD (see here)
Moisturizer: Super Aqua snail cream (see here)
Dark spot corrective: Kiehl (see here)
Face wash: L’oreal (see similar here)
Primer: Guerlain Meteorites Primer(see here)
Perfum: Anna Sui(see here)