I made a todo list during the last week and half while I was in Brooklyn. Most of which are going to the places that bring me joy and hitting the favorite restaurants in the neighbouhood. 
Going through last year’s photos, I did make a wish that I would love to see the cherry blossom again before my move to Seattle. It’s not because Seattle has no cherry tress. Matter of fact, flowers are blooming in Seattle so speaking as I am writing this.  It’s the vintage vibe, the historical buildings, the sun peaking though through the flowers and the spring leaves that I will miss.  It’s the quietness in my morning walk through the allies and streets of castle liked buildings that I will miss. Throughout the years, I learn to treasure these moments since I know things can snap into madness once rush hour hits. I was lucky. I got to see the blooming flowers in my favorite spots in Park Slope before I left. 
It was a soul searching and self discovery journey through out this moving from coast to coast experience.  I unconsciously start to think and to question myself at this   life turning corner.  
When you live in one place, so often you take everything for granted. You stop paying attention to the beauty of the surroundings once everything starts to become familiar until the farewell moment arrives.  It has happened to me before when I left Shanghai. It happened to me again this time moving from Brooklyn to Seattle. I was too young to own a camera when I left my home town. The building I grew up has been demolished after I left. I wish I had snapped some shorts of the neighborhood before it got replaced by the modern buildings.  I had many regrets thinking about it.  
This time I snapped many photos of Park Slope and Brooklyn with the fear that I might not be able to see the sites again.  Do I still have regrets? Yes. I wish I had done this along the way. I wish I had gone to Brooklyn Bridge Park to capture the sunset and night view of Manhattan.  I can’t believe I let this one go by without realizing it until the last day.  
I took the earliest flight out on the day of my departure. Carey Mulligan’s version of New York, New York was playing off my playlist while the flight was on the runway. It was raining outside, so was I. 
Our home for the past 5.5 years!